Miliband- The Greens Will be Your Downfall

Public opinion overwhelmingly supports a more left-wing agenda. The British people are literally crying out for a more democratic and equal society, and not one brought about by mild concessions from a political elite, but by investing real power and ownership back into local communities, by breaking the mould of British politics, and by bold and passionate leaders. Numerous polls have proven, time and time again, that overwhelmingly the public want to protect the NHS, have a more progressive tax system, and nationalise key industries such as the railways and energy firms. 

With appalling decisions such as supporting the Tory benefits cap, pandering to UKIP’s immigration agenda, and most recently their plans to abolish JSA for 18-21 year olds, Labour are failing the public badly. There is an ideological vacuum at the centre of Westminster that Labour have fallen down and seem set never to return from. They no longer offer an alternative to the crippling austerity and neo-liberal dogma that British politics has become.

Fortunately, there is an alternative for all those that care about social justice and equality, and for those that want things to change- the Green Party. A party that has representatives that are passionate and dedicated (they’re willing to get arrested for what they believe is right), that places democracy at the heart of its policy decisions, and has grown by 23% since the start of the year– the Green Party is fast becoming what Labour has lost.

What Britain needs is a party that when debating Europe, instead of pandering to xenophobia and fear, challenges the unprecedented power grab represented in the TTIP. When it comes to the environment, we need a party that instead of a windfarm here and there, would seriously invest in research, subsidise clean energy and fight fracking. And what we desperately, desperately need is a party that when addressing equality, instead of tinkering with the tax system it would instead radically restructure society to work in the interests of the many, not the few.

This is the party of progress and hope that Labour should have been- but they’ve failed. A time is coming when words like “democracy” and “equality” and “freedom” won’t be vote-grabbing slogans- they’ll be the reality around us. A time is coming when it won’t be Labour red that Tory blue has to fight against, but the people’s green.

With issues such as climate change and inequality reaching tipping points, the time for mild policies and business as usual is over. There was a time when there was hope that the Labour Party could be the force for good that this country so desperately needs, but no longer. They have proven time and again that they have neither the courage nor the inclination to fight for the people. The Greens have taken up this mantle, and the Greens will be the downfall of a party that has tragically lost its way. For voters, the choice is simple- do you want business as usual, be it painted red or blue? Or do you finally want the change that this world is crying out for?

Miliband- The Greens Will be Your Downfall

One thought on “Miliband- The Greens Will be Your Downfall

  1. Tom says:

    But the problem here is the current electoral system which props up our two party state (where the difference between parties is tragically slim as Labour panders to the neoliberal orthodoxy in the vain hope of gainging votes from people well outside there supposed core). If I vote Green (as I would like to) it will be ‘wasted’ as Labour are the safe incumbent, and only the Conservateives come close, and as a result I would vote Labour simply to stop a Tory getting in (lesser of two evils, though fortunately the MP is very responsive to local concerns and seems politically sound as an individual). I’m sure there are manu in similar if not worse situations, who feel the say counts for nil.

    It is crazy that with such disenfranchisment and apathy, that people voted against reform.

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