Not So Great A Recovery

I have to admit, that when watching Mr Osbourne’s budget, at first the raging leftie in me was given pause for thought. I was a little rattled, worrying that perhaps my condemnations had come a little early. I shouldn’t have been so easily fooled by the slick delivery of carefully packaged lies. We have a “recovery” in name only, and a bright future for only a few.

My fears were quietened a little when I debated Michael Ellis, Tory MP for Northampton North, whom had received a special mention in the Budget the day before. He was utterly unable to answer a question aimed at him concerning the tripling of tuition fees. It lifted the veil a little on the slickness of the Tory operation- on their neo-liberal dogma that has promised us so much. If they were wrong on this then were they wrong on the Budget?

This article caught my eye, pointing out that we are not doing as well as other countries, and that our personal debts are set to continue to rise. Then I began to look around a bit more and investigate this so-called “recovery”. For me and you, there isn’t one.

For starters let’s look at precedent. Greece has embarked on a campaign of austerity, and look how well that worked out for them. When the worst recession in history (the 1929 Great Depression) hit, it made many stop and contemplate the unbridled capitalism that had been allowed to flourish in the West. How did Roosevelt, the leader of America, the bastion of capitalism, solve the depression? Increased governmental spending. The Tories scoffed at Labour: “You want to spend your way out of this crisis? Hahaha, how silly.” Well, joke’s on you Osbourne because Roosevelt did it, whilst you’ve presided over one of the slowest recoveries in history, failing on almost every single promise your government made pre-election.

We are seeing signs of a housing bubble once again, overwhelmingly any hint of a “recovery” is being centred in London, and Osbourne has fought tooth and nail any EU proposals to muzzle a ferocious financial sector (the cause of the crisis in the first place.) The recovery figures are not at all impressive once you get past the shine of the Tory PR- we’re still not at the 2007 peak nearly 7 years on, other major economies have been doing far better than us, and yes, wages seem to have finally outstripped inflation, but how long has it taken? Since the Tories came into power, year upon year wages have been below inflation, and now that for once they show a sign of being slightly above, we’re being told the government is doing an excellent job. Don’t be taken in by the manipulated statistics and short memories of this government.

They promised to make work pay. They’ve only just managed to get peoples wages to stop falling in real terms- they’ve a long way to go to make up for the losses the majority have felt under them.

They promised to get rid of the deficit in one term, now they’re telling us they need another- a spectacular fail. Yet we’re being told that they’re doing a great job because of the “progress” they’ve made.

They promised us a future, but look at what we have. A crippling food poverty crisis, with outrageous numbers having to use foodbanks in the one of the largest economies of the world. Disabled people turning to dangerous payday loan companies because the state is no longer providing for them. Self-employed figures rising, with many of these on poor pay, not to mention zero hour contracts (the inconvenient truth behind the “impressive” employment figures). And numerous fears from respected sources that the poorest in this country are slipping into poverty:


Even the PM seems to be floundering a little, falling back on of all things religion to try and justify his government’s policies.

If this is the cost of our supposed “recovery”, then I’d rather go back and take my chances with the disease. This government seem to know the cost of everything, and the value of nothing. I don’t want to live in a society that demonises those that are struggling, that leaves the vulnerable out to dry, and that places profit over people.

This is a recovery only in name. The elite may be able to get back to business as usual, but the deep flaws in our economic and political system are still there, meaning we will repeat the whole cycle again before too long. And we have added injustices harming those at the bottom now, meaning for those that could really do with “recovering”, things have actually just been made worse.

Do not believe the Tory dogma and lies. Challenge, fight, and endure.

Not So Great A Recovery

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