Why I’m Green

Such a small party- so why do I bother? Many view them as a party on the fringes of the political spectrum, that will niggle off a few votes from Labour at best. Many just see them as a bunch of environmental nuts that want us all hugging trees and constructing wind turbines in our back gardens. Sure, tree hugging is welcome here, but the Green Party is about so much more.

This country is exhausted with the current political elite- far too many for far too long have felt like they have no power and no stake in the running of this country. The current crop of representatives we have are not getting the job done. They have neither the vision nor the direction. I’m Green because Greens step back from the narrow spectrum politics currently allows and views the world in a new way.

The Green Party is the only party that seriously deals with the energy catastrophe that is awaiting us- we are slowly destroying our planet and are quickly running out of fossil fuels. The current government is ploughing ahead with fracking, heading in completely the wrong direction and completely missing the point- only the Greens have real answers to what will soon be the biggest problems we as a species face.

The current political discourse centres on division- benefit scroungers and immigrants are to blame for our problems according to the current political elite. This creates a culture of division and blame- the Greens aren’t interested in that. The vision they have is one of hope and unity. The Greens are serious about getting down to the real issues that are causing our problems- extortionate rents, the lack of a living wage, and an unregulated financial sector. These are the real causes of our woes, and currently our politicians aren’t really offering solutions.

As a young person making his first foray into politics, I want to be part of a party that offers hope, not hatred and fear. I want a party that offers a coherent vision, that understands all the problems we face and how they are all interlinked. I want a party that breaks the rules and steps away from the norms- because the norms aren’t working. If we are to solve our problems we need a party that is new and fresh, that isn’t scared to be daring and ingenious. If we are to solve our problems, we need the Green Party.

Why I’m Green

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